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Regionalgruppe Köln

Neuer Wahltermin: Von jetzt an bis zum 22. November

Generalproben sind sinnvoll – das haben wir kürzlich am eigenen Leib erfahren: Da sollte die Regionalgruppe Köln die allererste Online-Wahl des VDT vornehmen, nachdem wir kürzlich die Satzung entsprechend angepasst hatten. Die Regionalgruppenwahl Köln war quasi die Generalprobe für die richtig große Abstimmung, die in diesem Jahr noch ansteht – die Vorstandswahl. Und wie sich das für eine Generalprobe gehört, ist sie so richtig schiefgelaufen.

Der VDT hat deshalb einen neuen Wahltermin angesetzt. Merke: Nach einer vermasselten Generalprobe gibt es immer noch eine zweite Chance, nämlich die Premiere!

Lesen Sie » hier mehr über die Online-Wahl der Regionalgruppe Köln und gehen Sie zum Wahlportal.






The ICSA team: Günther Theile (VDT), Alois Sontacchi (IEM), Gisela Jungen (VDT), Franz Zotter (IEM), Hannes Pomberger (IEM), Matthias Frank (IEM) at the courtyard of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG)

Successful » ICSA 2015:
Stunning demonstrations, live concerts, fundamental research and application reports

With a huge variety of topics ranging from recording and production to basic research questions, this year‘s International Conference on Spatial Audio spanned a wide range to cover all aspects of spatial audio recording and reproduction. Stunning demonstrations, live concerts and user reports on applications completed the science- and engineering-oriented lectures. A concert evening featuring Ambisonics compositions from renowned artists of 3D music was staging a new musical genre and managed to highlight both the various opportunities and challenges provided in 3D audio as an art form.

ICSA prominently revealed that products and algorithms, but at the same time production habits and naturally also contents need to be further developed to achieve exciting and immersive 3D audio suited to daily use. One good example for the approach of scientists and users is the technically demanding technology of higher Order Ambisonics which has been presented at ICSA by numerous impressive examples. Florian Camerer, ORF, member of the concluding panel discussion recapitulated the common spirit of optimism: "There‘s light at the end of the tunnel!

ICSA 2015 – the facts:

  • Nearly 150 participants, contributors and manufacturers
  • Six sessions with a total of 22 lectures
  • Two invited keynote lectures
  • Nine posters
  • 21 workshops and demos
  • One Ambisonics concert with compositions of renowned 3D artists
  • One Ambisonics live concert as example for 3D audio in clubs, with hands-on session

Read » here our interview with the initiators(1) of the ICSA on the trends and developments in spatial audio.

1: Alois Sontacchi, Franz Zotter, Matthias Frank, Hannes Pomberger (all IEM) and Günther Theile (VDT)





Spatial Reproduction: The Latest Trends at the ICSA 2015

Spatial audio reproduction has gained an entirely new aspect in recent years: The three-dimensional envelopment of the listener. The introduction of relevant 3D audio formats imposes high requirements on production technology and distribution channels as well as Tonmeisters and sound engineers. It is this broad field to which the ICSA, the third International Conference on Spatial Audio, is dedicated in September. Read » here our interview with the initiators1 of the ICSA on the trends and developments in spatial audio.

1: Alois Sontacchi, Franz Zotter, Matthias Frank, Hannes Pomberger (all IEM) and Günther Theile (VDT)



Visit VDT at Stage Set Scenery

When Stage Set Scenery invites to Berlin from 9th to 11th of June, it goes without saying that audio engineering will be one of the highlights, which is why VDT is represented there as an exhibitor and partner of the German Theatre Technical Society DTHG. Our VDT representatives Wolfgang Köhnsen, Hans Schlosser and Detlef Halaski are ready to welcome you to our booth no. 258 in hall 4.2 and answer any questions you might have about the VDT.


Overall, the international conference organized by the German Theatre Technical Society DTHG consists of approximately 130 events, simultaneously interpreted in German and English, discussing theatre planning, scenography and design, mask, international projects, exhibition design and museum technology, media engineering and sustainability, safety, stage technologies, audio engineering and lighting technology. About 270 exhibitors are presenting their products and services for theater.

For more information, please visit



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