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Verband Deutscher Tonmeister e.V.
Telefon: +49 2204 23595
E-Mail: vdt@tonmeister.de

Postal Address:
c/o Licennium
Friesenplatz 1
50672 Köln

Association registered at:
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51427 Bergisch Gladbach
VDT Seminar

VDT is increasingly hosting training seminars with the latest on the job information in the audio/video media industry. We provide them to help expand and update your professional knowledge, and promote the exchange of best practice while endeavouring to work closely with our sponsoring companies and partners. VDT members are notified of training events well in advance in the association journal or by e-mail. (See here for more details.)

VDT members and members of our partners may attend at significantly reduced prices. Fees for a two-day occasion are normally between €220 and €320. Members receive a €100 discount. Student attendees pay €50, students who are also VDT members pay €20. The number of students that may attend may be limited unless it is a VDT student seminar.

The above discounts will apply if a valid membership application is on hand at the time of registration for the seminar.

VDT Seminars


The VDT Seminar discusses subjects in a similar fashion as the Tonmeistertagung and symposia. It usually lasts 2 days. Talks are generally product neutral and may be comprised up to 30% maximum of relevant product articles from sponsoring companies. The product articles are indicated as such in the programme, and the company is responsible for their content.

VDT Best Practice Seminar

The VDT Best Practice Seminar is all about practical relevance, and the programme is largely comprised of articles from various sponsoring companies, such as presentations involving proprietary concepts and tools within the topic framework.

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