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Technical Tours

  • Overview Tours 2012
    T1: Räke Hifi: "Precision Record Players: From Idea to Completion"
    T2: WDR: "Radio 2020: A New Production Infrastructure at WDR-1LIVE"
    T3: WDR: "TV Production at WDR"
    T4: Johannes Klais Orgelbau: "The Workshop at Klais Orgelbau Organ Builders"
    T5: RTW: "Audio Metering: High-Precision Loudness Metering"
    T6: SAE Institute Bochum: "Audio Courses in a Historical Environment"
    T7: WDR: "Radio-Play and Music Production at the WDR Broadcasting Center"
    T8: Mediengruppe RTL-Deutschland: "On the Trail of a Tapeless Workflow"
    T9: WDR: "The Historical Studio für Elektronische Musik"

  • T1: Thursday, 22.11. 2012, 15:00 17:00
    Räke Hifi: "Precision Record Players: From Idea to Completion"

    Under the brand name Transrotor, Räke Hifi have built high-quality record players for over 30 years. During that time, they have implemented many developments on their devices to ensure that the players reproduce the music on the records with highest audio fidelity. During the tour, participants will learn many details about the high-precision production facilities. The company’s philosophy and methodology will be introduced in a subsequent paper.

  • T2: Friday, 23.11. 2012, 10:00 12:00
    WDR: "Radio 2020: A New Production Infrastructure at WDR-1LIVE"

    In 2008, the WDR started the Radio 2020 project: a complete infrastructure redesign for their altogether six channels. Radio 2020 includes the implementation of flexible architectural concepts, new workflows and task distributions, and a technical setup based on standard IT as well as modular concepts. In the course of that project, WDR recently put a new broadcasting center into operation. Located in the city center of Cologne, the building was refurbished specifically for its intended purpose and now houses several broadcasting divisions for example, for the 1LIVE youth channel and the Funkhaus Europa channel. The two channels are the first implementations of the new radio concept with specific editing systems and a unified production platform. In addition, WDR implemented a completely file-based on-air operation facility and an innovative approach for integrated program and music scheduling.

  • T3: Friday, 23.11. 2012, 11:00 14:00
    WDR: "TV Production at WDR"

    This excursion will provide insight into the WDR‘s HD-enabled central control room for the famous Sportschau sportscast as well as into a multichannel dubbing studio in the postproduction area. A focus will be on changes in operating concepts during the transition to network production techniques. Experts in the various workplaces will be available for explaining in detail the introduction of loudness normalization in TV production.

  • T4: Friday, 23.11. 2012, 15:00 17:00
    Johannes Klais Orgelbau: "The Workshop at Klais Orgelbau Organ Builders"

    For more than 130 years, J. Klais Orgelbau organ builders have constructed pipe organs that sound in churches and concert halls all over the world. From wooden trunks and tin bars, 65 Klais highly skilled organ builders construct 3-4 instruments per year each one created as an individual instrument. The visitors will dive into the fascinating world of organ building from the very first sketches and ideas to the finished instrument.

  • T5: Friday, 23.11. 2012, 16:00 18:00
    RTW: "Audio Metering: High-Precision Loudness Metering"

    Based in Cologne (Germany), RTW has more than 40 years of experience in designing, producing, and marketing advanced audio systems for professional users. The company focuses its business on tools for visual signal analysis and loudness metering that are in use in the leading recording studios as well as by radio and TV broadcasters worldwide. For the first time, RTW will open their new premises to external visitors. During the tour covering various departments, visitors will get information on RTW and on the past and future of audio-metering systems and how to develop them. Afterwards, RTW specialists will gladly answer the visitors‘ questions.

  • T6: Saturday, 24.11. 2012, 10:00 12:30
    SAE Institute Bochum: "Audio Courses in a Historical Environment"

    In November 2011, the SAE Institute opened their eighth campus in Germany: a modern SAE branch in Bochum downtown, located right in the center of the Ruhr Area with its 5 million inhabitants. Within 11 months of extensive refurbishment, renovation, and installation works, a ruined historic air-raid shelter was turned into a modern SAE campus. Five control rooms and three recording facilities were designed and constructed in cooperation with conceptA / hmp from Munich. This tour will give participants extensive insight into the local architectural acoustics and into modern sound-studio design and implementation in a constructionally interesting structure.

  • T7: Saturday, 24.11. 2012, 11:00 14:00
    WDR: "Radio-Play and Music Production at the WDR Broadcasting Center"

    The WDR broadcasting center houses radio-production facilities and studios. About two years ago, the radio-play studios 6 and 7 were newly constructed on the 5th floor after gutting the entire story. The visitors will see the production rooms where the technical concept of multifunctional parallel on-demand use was implemented. Flexible resource routing, networking, 5.1 productions, and modern ways of radio-play production will be shown and explained during the tour. The music-production department will open their studio 4, which is packed with state-of-the-art technology and is used, for example, for productions of the renowned WDR Big Band. The final station of the tour will be the TBR 91 mastering studio, which is used, for instance, for preparing historical WDR productions for release.

  • T8: Saturday, 24.11. 2012, 16:00 17:30
    Mediengruppe RTL-Deutschland: "On the Trail of a Tapeless Workflow"

    CBC, the production and broadcast firm of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, realized a state-of-the-art media center that combines tapeless workflows, speed, flexibility, safety, and user-friendliness. The Cologne Broadcasting Center offers a full IT infrastructure specifically designed and implemented for all relevant processes from studio and outdoor productions to post-production to broadcast control rooms and on-air operation. CBC also performs the operations of the center. Spanning all areas from research, pre-cut processes, and virtual studio productions to post-production, on-air operation, and the integration of more than 4,000 employees worldwide, the size of the operational workflow is unprecedented and sets new global standards.
    During the 1-hour tour of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland‘s media center, we will learn in detail about the production processes and workflows at CBC.

  • T9: Sunday, 25.11. 2012, 10:30 13:00
    Studio für Elektronische Musik of the WDR: "The Historical WDR Studio fr Elektronische Musik"

    Originally established by the WDR in the 1950s, the Studio für Elektronische Musik ("Studio of Electronic Music") moved to the Ossendorf quarter of Cologne some time ago. Instruments and facilities from various epochs reflect the individual periods in electronic music composition at the Studio für Elektronische Musik. The studio is now in a museum style, meaning the no new productions are currently made there; instead, it is used for digitizing and archiving the inventory of recordings made to tape in diverse formats. Volker Müller is a former WDR audio engineer who had worked at the Studio since 1971. As a contemporary witness, he will talk about the manifold projects realized there and will demonstrate historic working methods where possible. Thanks to his initiative, many parts of the complex studio systems are still operable today.

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