Musik ist unter den Künsten die komplizierteste, aber die mächtigste ?
vergleichbar etwa dem Flugzeug unter den Verkehrsmitteln.

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Martin Rust

Martin Rust


Dipl. Ing. (RWTH) Jürgen Marchlewitz

Jürgen Marchlewitz

Welcome to the departments at VDT!

The departments at VDT reflect areas of expertise in our profession and its members, and are managed by the respective head of the department. This is where a broad spectrum of information is brought together with expert knowledge in each branch of the field. As a member of VDT, you will be able to choose one or several departments, and we always welcome members' active participation in topics, discussions and workshops. It is our members that breathe life into VDT, and it would be a loss to all if active participation were limited to the annual payment of the membership fee. We firmly believe that VDT has much to offer, professionally. VDT membership will soon reach 2000, yet many barely know each other...

The departments give all of us an opportunity to discuss specific professional issues.

Be it in the VDT forum, at seminars, through personal contacts or with the heads of the departments. Do visit our VDT forum! Here you can find all departments and related articles ordered by subject. The following is a list of the departments and contacts.

I will also be more than happy to help with any questions.

Sincerely, your colleague
Holger Siedler

Acoustics (Peter Maier)
Music & Word Production (Andrew Levine)
Education and Training (Carsten Kümmel)
Sound Reinforcement & Event Technology (Jörn Nettingsmeier)
Research & Development (Alexis Baskind)
Film & Television (N.N.)
Theatre (Jürgen Hanelt)
Work, Legal & Social (Hans Schlosser)

For an extensive list of links to technical information, and many basics, please visit the Internet forum of our esteemed colleague Mr Eberhard Sengpiel.

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