25th Int. Audio Convention 2008

XYtri - From stereo to surround, and back!

XYtri is a practical and easy to use integrated solution born out of the need for an uncompromised traditional stereophonic recording when tracking projects also to be captured in surround. The setup, consisting of three +-45-XY-configurations, results in three mono-compatible coincident stereophonic ranges (180 facing L, C and R) and two connecting stereophonic ranges (L-C, C-R) based on runtime-stereophony. XYtri discretely maps to a 7.0 monitoring environment. It can be folded down to 5.0, LCR (analogous to OCT-2), a combined sterephonic image as well as directed mono. http://XYtri.blumlein.net/

Andrew Levine
(blumlein records)

25th Audio Convention 2008 in Leipzig